Shaver Mysteries

Shaver Mysteries

  • Richard Sharpe Shaver (born: October 8, 1907 Berwick, PA – died. November 1975 Summit AK) In recent years some of his rock paintings have been exhibited as “outsider art “ in such art centers as Los Angeles, CA & New York City, NY.

In 1932, Shaver worked in a factory. Mysterious things began to come to his attention. Shaver noticed that a welding gun through some imagined or real process in the coil’s field attunements made it possible for him to hear the thoughts of his fellow workers who were working near him. Also, he mentioned that he was frightened by telepathic images or the kind of behaviours aliens have been accused of more recently. His sense of experience led him to see that there was a multiplicity of caverns deep under the Earth. Shaver then quit his job, and became an traveling hobo for an unknown period of time.

In the summer of 1943 a letter arrived at Amazing Stories Magazine from Richard Shaver a former steelworker from Barto, Pennsylvania. Howard Browne, at Amazing, read this letter aloud to the staff as a joke. Why? Shaver had written that he had stumbled upon a secret, hidden, ancient lost civilisation, supplied a written alphabet with his interpretation of this alphabet. Browne threw the letter away. Raymond Palmer, Chief editor of Amazing, thought otherwise and published Shaver’s letter in Amazing’s January 1944 issue.

Shaver’s letter hit the public’s nerve and went postal with popularity. Shaver said voices spoke to him, relating the past history of the Earth. Palmer loved it the idea, the stories, and the money. Shaver Mystery Clubs sprang up in many places around the world. In 1951, he was mentioned in Life Magazine. Later, Shave supporters and Shaver doubters made numerous appearances on The Long John Nebel show (midnight to 5 am, weekdays, WOR ratio, NYC)

Shaver’s Alphabet:

A – is for Animal
B – is to Be
C – means See
D – is the harmful energy generated by the Sun
E – is Energy
F – means Fecund
G – means to Generate
H – means Human
I – means I
J – is the same as G – generate
K – means Kinetic, as in motion or energy
L – is Life
M – means Man
N – means child, as in ‘ninny’
O – means Orifice, a source
P – is Power
Q – means Quest
R – horror; signifies a large amount of D present
S – means the Sun, which emits D
T – is the beneficial force, the opposite of D
U – means You
V – Vital; in Shaver’s words, ‘the stuff Mesmer calls animal magnetism.’
W – Will
X – Conflict, sometimes meaning D and T in opposition
Y – means Why
Z – means Zero, or when T and D cancel one another out

This alphabet or alphabetic code was manipulated to create meaning hidden within common words we readily know and made-up words itself…Thus “Dero” means “Bad Force Energy Horror Orifice”.

Dick Shaver now started writing stories that he said were “stories created as thinly disguised truth”. The first story was entitled “I remember Lemuria” (Amazing, March 1945). The story is told by “Mion” (a lesser species being) and it talks of the abandonment of the Earth. Shaver wrote extensively about telepathy, radioactivity, hollow earth worlds, hidden underground civilizations, dimensional travel, and created a huge readership for himself as well as sparking huge interest by other writers who were now writing about these same subjects while using a variety of contexts. The June 1947 issue of Amazing was devoted entirely to Shaver’s writings. The “letters-to-the-editor” area was pack with heated discovery pro and con about Shavers “science fiction” or was it the writing of a “brave reported of dangerously hidden truth?

The Shaver Mythology in a Nutshell:

Earth in a very Ancient Time was inhabited by a number of super-advanced races, the 2 most important of which were the Atlans and the Titans. They ruled a Utopian Society like Gods and Goddesses. They built amazingly large and incredible cities under the Earth’s surface. During the 40th century BC, Blasts of radioactive energies from the sun changed these people into an evil force that could not be conquered nor contained. Thus about 12,000 years ago, the Titans abandoned the Earth. Those left behind were already evil and “wrong”. They were called abandondero – ‘dero’ for short. All of our human race originated from these deros and as we live within and exposed to these Sun’s Rays, we modern human beings, also are Deros..

Also, The Teros exist and are the mental and emotional and ethical opposites of the Deros. is the opposite of dero (but few teros exist on the Earth today due to of the Sun’s harmful radiation.

The titans left behind all their machinery, technology, science, psychic discoveries, and cities Dero civilization has taken all of this as their own and are mean spirited in various ways. Among their technological “machinery” as:

  • The Telesolidograph – It broadcast 3-dimensional, holographic images.
  • The Penetray – Used for super long distance observation.
  • The Telaug – A telepathic augmenter, that transmitted thought waves.
  • The Mech – transmitted projections of evil thoughts into the minds of chosen target.
  • The Ben-Ray – that broadcast integrated healing systems with innate adaptive intelligence for the specic person or persons’ healing and could extend life to almost immortality.

The Ted Crisman Letter:

Crisman wrote a letter to Amazing Stories in which he stated that as a US commando in Burma during WWII that he and another soldier collided with the Deros while fighting as a commando in Burma during World War II…

“My companion and I fought our way out of a cave with submachine guns. I have two 9″ scars on my left arm that came from wounds given me in the cave when I was 50 feet from a moving object of any kind and in perfect silence. The muscles were nearly ripped out. How? I don’t know. My friend has a hole the size of a dime in his right bicep. It was seared inside.”

As himself, Crisman, too, is a mystery. He has been identified as a writer, educator, political provocateur, broadcaster and disruption agent. From other sources, there is some information that says that he worked for the OSS during the Second World War, was a veteran of Operation Paperclip, a gunrunner with strong links to organized crime, and/or a Captain in the Army Air Corps. According to Jim Garrison, he was a person of interest in the JFK assassination.

So as of this writing, here the information rests. But after approximately half a century of it being almost impossible to find the original Shaver stories, now these rare items can be found on aLibris, eBay, and The question remains: IS Richard Sharp Shaver, a seriously disturbed man, a con-artist, or an extremely brave pioneer? Or is he all 3? We do know that 90 % of all Alien, Greys, Hollow Earth, Lemurian, Ancient Atomic War, Alien Abducution, Psychic Enslavement, and Mind Control stories, attitudes, and raw beliefs – All were first written about and widely promoted by Richard Sharpe “Dick” Shaver – who has become and will remain major cultural influence of our current 21st century.

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